Two steps ahead

Annual Review


Axel Johnson International closes another record year – a year of letting go of “business as
usual” and accepting new realities

Breaking the billion

AXEL JOHNSON INTERNATIONAL has delivered an excellent result once again, proving that our strategy and aspired market position are working despite turbulent times. Strong organic growth and an exceptional acquisition pace characterised 2022. For the first time, the group surpassed the SEK 1 billion profit mark at SEK 1.3 billion and exceeded all expectations.

DURING 2022, demand for our products and services remained high, and turnover increased to SEK 16.3 billion. In the face of global challenges, our engaged and committed people made another record year possible with a continued focus on innovation, digitalisation, sustainability and first-class service.

WE WELCOMED 20 companies in nine countries into the group with the aim of strengthening our position in existing or neighbouring markets to meet structural trends.

WELCOME TO OUR Annual Review of 2022 and a preview of the years to come. 


Million Euros

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Over the year

Two steps ahead

The success is even across our different business groups; each and every one of our companies has contributed. And most of all, our success comes from our people, our culture and the way we cooperate.

Martin Malmvik, CEO


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Seeing the big picture to future-proof our company

Sustainability is a fundamental part of Axel Johnson International’s business model. We are convinced that integrating sustainability into our decision-making will lead us to new opportunities, keep us relevant and future-proof our company



An exceptional acquisition year

Axel Johnson International had another exceptional acquisition year in 2022;
20 new companies with a combined revenue of more than SEK 1 billion joined the group. Despite the macroeconomic turbulence, we are well-positioned to continue to use acquisitive



A new idea that has been around for a long time

Through condition monitoring, the customer interface widens, providing new insights and often developing stronger relationships.



Empowering people and companies to flourish

As a family-owned company, Axel Johnson
International has a value-driven, entrepreneurial culture. With a long-term, financially stable platform as our base, we invest in talent across the group to enable our people and companies to develop, grow and thrive.


People Development

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