New friends!

We are very proud of every one of our acquisitions and value what they will add to the group.

Tuma Pumpensysteme

AxFlow strengthens product portfolio and service operation in Austria.
AxFlow Austria is strengthening its service offering with the acquisition of Tuma Pumpensysteme GmbH, a family-owned pump distribution and service company, specialised in vacuum-, centrifugal- and positive displacement pumps with main customers in engineering, food & beverage, pharma and chemicals.

Armor Bobinage

AxFlow France expands in service by acquisition of Armor Bobinage.
AxFlow France strengthens its service capacity in food and beverage with the acquisition of Armor Bobinage, a 19-person company, based in Saint Brieuc and Dinan, northwest France.

SPX Flow Technology

AxFlow’s Brown Brothers Engineers acquire SPX Flow Technology New Zealand Ltd.
AxFlow’s subsidiary Brown Brothers Engineers acquired SPX Flow Technology New Zealand Ltd. – a sales and service organization specialized on well-known products branded APV, Waukesha Cherry-Burrell, Bran+Luebbe, Lightnin and more.


Expanded offering within industrial automation through the acquisition of Caldan Conveyor A/S.
Axel Johnson International has entered into an agreement to acquire the majority of the shares in Caldan Conveyor A/S. As a niche supplier within industrial automation, Caldan has a leading position in the European market, 130 employees and a long history of profitable growth.


Extended electric and hybrid-electric offering in Driveline Solutions.
Axel Johnson International’s business group Driveline Solutions strengthens its position in the driveline market via its investment in Elforest AB, effective 31 March 2020. Elforest is a technical consultant, focused on electric and hybrid-electric driveline systems for mobile off-highway segment, serving a number of recognised OEMs in the Nordic market.


Growing offering in power transmission solutions in Denmark.
Jens S Group, part of Axel Johnson International’s business group Power Transmission Solutions, has through its subsidiary Jens S. Transmissioner A/S signed an agreement to acquire Hoyer Transmissions. The acquisition is expected to close sometime in March, 2020. Hoyer Transmissions is a leading Danish distributor of mechanical transmission products.


Strengthened power transmission solutions offering in the Czech Republic.
Arkov, part of Axel Johnson International’s business group Power Transmission Solutions, strengthens its position in the Czech Republic market by the acquisition of TPB spol. s r.o., effective 27 February 2020. TPB is a local distributor of bearings and other power transmission products and is specialised in the bearing aftermarket.


Extended offering in power transmission solutions in Slovenia.
Axel Johnson International’s business group Power Transmission Solutions has acquired Bell d.o.o., effective 19 December 2019. Bell is a leading Slovenian provider of power transmission products and services since more than 30 years.

Trio Trykluft

Growing offering in fluid handling solutions in Denmark.
The Fluid Handling Solutions business group, AxFlow, has acquired Trio Trykluft A/S, effective 2 October 2019. Trio Trykluft is a Danish provider of equipment for compressed air and generators for nitrogen combined with a considerable service capacity.

KALTECH Gearservice

Extended service offering within transmission solutions in Denmark.
Jens S. Group, part of business group Power Transmission Solutions, has through its subsidiary Jens S. Transmissioner A/S acquired KALTECH Gearservice ApS, effective 1 October 2019. KALTECH is a Danish provider of high value-added repair and maintenance services of gearboxes, couplings, breaks and cardan shafts used in various industrial settings.

Irish Pumps & Valves

Expanded offering in the Irish valves market. AxFlow Ireland, part of AxFlow, the Fluid Handling Solutions business group, has acquired Irish Pump & Valves Ltd (IPV). IPV is a major Irish supplier of valves, actuators, pumps and ancillary equipment with service capabilities.


Growing fluid handling solutions offering in Ireland and UK. Business group Fluid Handling Solutions, AxFlow, has acquired Induchem Group Ltd. Induchem is an Irish and UK specialist provider of fluid handling solutions and related service capacity.


Expanded offering of fluid handling solutions in Italy. Business group Fluid Handling Solutions, AxFlow, has acquired Generalcontrol, effective 19 June. Generalcontrol is a recognised pump distributor in the Italian market mainly serving the process and sanitary industry.


Strengthened offering of mechanical power transmissions in Finland. Nomo, part of business group Power Transmission Solutions, strengthens its offering in the Finnish market by the acquisition of JokiLaakeri, effective 14 June.

Altec France

Expanded offering in dock and loading equipment in France. Forankra France, part of Transport Solutions, has acquired Altec France, effective 24 May. Altec France is a provider of dedicated professional technical solutions in docking equipment, with a leading position in ramps.

VIP Tehnika

Fluid handling solutions offering grows in the Balkans. Fluid Handling Solutions business group, AxFlow, has acquired VIP Tehnika, effective 26 April. VIP Tehnika is a Slovenian service and distribution company of centrifugal pumps, serving many of its neighboring countries in the Balkan region.


Expanded offering in fluid handling solutions in Norway. Fluid Handling Solutions business group, AxFlow, has acquired Innva AS, effective 29 April. Innva is a technical distributor of premium valves and piping solutions for the water and wastewater segment in Norway.

GT Water Technologies

Australian fluid-handling service grows. Brown Brothers Engineers/Kelair Pumps, part of Fluid Handling Solutions, is strengthening its service offering with the acquisition of GT Water Technologies. GT Water Technologies is a family-owned company specialised in services around fire water tanks to the building and fire safety markets in the Melbourne area.


Extending cargo securing business in Poland. The Transport Solutions business group strengthened its position in the Polish market for lifting and cargo securing by acquiring IWRC Sp. z o o. IWRC sells commercial wire rope to distributors and lifting & lashing products to distributors and end-users. They also provide maintenance and technical consulting.


Entering Czech power transmission market. Axel Johnson International’s Power Transmission Solutions business group is entering the Czech Republic’s power transmission market with the acquisition of a majority stake in Arkov s.r.o., one of the country’s largest distributors of SKF. Arkov has a strong position on the local market that will strengthen and complement Industrial Solutions’ product and service offering and expand its geographical footprint.

Marindus group

Entering UK market for driveline systems. Axel Johnson International is expanding its driveline business via the acquisition of Marindus Group Ltd. The company comprises driveline specialist Marine and Industrial Transmissions Ltd and AtZ Marine Technologies Ltd. MIT are experts in the design, supply and installation of custom-made solutions for marine and industrial driveline systems. AtZ provides a full consultative service to multiple aspects of above and below the waterline components.

AMC Instruments

Lifting Solutions adds sensor expertise. Axel Johnson International’s Lifting Solutions business group has acquired Italy-based AMC Instruments S.R.L, which specializes in magneto-inductive technologies for non-destructive testing of steel wire ropes. AMC’s global customer base includes such industry leaders as the Schindler Group, a world-wide maker of elevators.


Entering market for industrial automation. Axel Johnson International has entered the market for overhead conveying solutions and industrial automation by acquiring a majority stake in OCS AB. Headquartered in Borås, Sweden, OCS provides high quality overhead conveyors systems for the automotive, aviation and general industries and has a particularly strong presence in the Nordic region and central Europe.

Crest Process Engineering

Wider coverage for UK fluid handling business. Axel Johnson International’s Fluid Handling Solutions business group, AxFlow, has acquired Crest Process Engineering Limited. The company has a strong regional presence in southwest England and south Wales, selling pumps, spares, systems, ancillary equipment and service/repair. Its main markets are food & beverage, chemicals, industrial and marine.

Brown Bothers / Kelair

Entering Australia and New Zealand pump markets. Axel Johnson International has taken the next step in its geographic expansion outside Europe by acquiring Brown Brothers/Kelair, the market-leading distributor of positive displacement and centrifugal pumps in Australia and New Zealand. With 15 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, Brown Brothers/Kelair sells to users and resellers in industrial segments as well as agriculture and municipalities.


Stronger in seals and bearings in Poland. Axel Johnson International has acquired Passerotti sp. z.o.o., a Polish niche distributor of technical seals and bearings. Passerotti is a significant player in the Polish market with about 11,000 customers present in both MRO and OEM segments and excellent capacity for making tailored sealing solutions.


Stronger power transmission position in Norway. The Nomo Group, a part of Axel Johnson International, has entered the Norwegian market for bearings and mechanical power transmission products through the acquisition of Rotek AS of July 2. The acquisition opens up additional growth opportunities for the group in the Norwegian market.

MAK Aandrijvingen

Stronger in Dutch transmissions Axel Johnson International’s Power Transmission Solutions business group is increasing its market presence in the Netherlands through the acquisition of MAK Aandrijvingen B.V., effective May 2. MAK uses high technical expertise to create power transmission solutions for leading OEM customers.

Dock Equipment

Adding innovative dock equipment range. Forankra France, part of Axel Johnson International Transport Solutions business group, has acquired the Dock Equipment product range from Pommier SA. The product range comprises products for logistics hubs, warehouses, trucks and trailers and include the patented Butdock® product. A strategic addition to the existing dock equipment range that strengthen Forankras product offer across Europe.

Egil Verne

Entering the Norwegian vehicles components market. Axel Johnson International’s Transport Solutions business group entered the Norwegian market for commercial vehicle components by acquiring Egil Verne AS, a distributor specialised in lighting and electrical components, on March 1. With the addition of Verne, Transport Solutions becomes a leading distributor of vehicle component in the Nordics, with total turnover of EUR 150 million.


Fluid Handling expands in Italy. AxFlow Italy, part of Axel Johnson International’s Fluid Handling Solutions business group, has acquired Cinti S.r.l., a specialist in installation, service and repair of centrifugal pumps based in northern Italy. The move aims to strengthen AxFlow Italy’s service offering and position it for further growth in the Italian market.


Expanding Swedish bearings business. Axel Johnson International is strengthening its position on the Nordic market for bearings, transmissions and seals via Nomo’s acquisition of Rotera Kullager in Täby AB and Rotera Kullager in Västberga AB. The move is in line with Axel Johnson International’s long-term strategy to grow the bearings business by developing existing companies and expanding in new markets throughout Europe.

Pumpen Karrer

Extended service offer in Germany. AxFlow Germany is strengthening its service offering with the acquisition of Pumpen Karrer, a family-owned company specialised in industrial equipment repair and maintenance, especially pumps. The move reinforces AxFlow’s solution-provider strategy and allow AxFlow to better serve German customers with more complete solutions. Pumpen Karrer’s major business segments are chemicals, food & beverage, and building & construction.

RDC Production

Stronger service for AxFlow France. AxFlow France, part of the Fluid Handling Solutions business group of Axel Johnson International, took a strategic step to strengthen its service capacity in the French fluid handling market with the acquisition of RDC Production on January 12. Based west of Paris, RDC has 43 employees, including many highly skilled technicians with the expertise to take on a broad range of service applications.

TMT. Malinen

Body building build-up. Axel Johnson International is growing presence in the Finnish, Swedish and Baltic markets for commercial vehicle components by acquiring Lahtis, Finland-based TMT. Malinen. With EUR 13 million in sales, TMT. Malinen is the region’s market leading manufacturer and distributor of aluminium, steel, and plastics components and systems for the body builder industry.

Bahr, Pumptechnique and Flow Technologies

Flowing into the Baltics. Axel Johnson International is entering the fluid-handling market in the Baltics by acquiring Bahr Pump OU (Estonia), Pumptechnique SIA (Latvia) and Flow Technologies UAB (Lithuania). The three companies provide fluid handling equipment, advanced systems, and service. The move is in line with Axel Johnson International’s long-term strategy of acquiring well-established companies with highly skilled entrepreneurs and growing the businesses together with the entrepreneurs.

SKS Group

Accelerating in the Nordics. Axel Johnson International is strengthening its mechanical power transmissions business in the Nordics by acquiring five companies from the Finnish SKS Group. The companies are market leading in their niches, offering premium products and services to the Nordic machine and equipment building industry. They will be part of the Power Transmission Solutions business group.

AHD Aandrijftechniek

Powering transmissions operations in Benelux. Axel Johnson International is increasing its market presence in the Benelux countries through the acquisition of AHD Aandrijftechniek B.V. AHD sells, maintains and services industrial gearboxes, brakes, couplings and propeller shafts to large and small customers, most notably Tata Steel, in the Benelux region. It will join forces with Spruit Transmissies B.V., a technical distributor of power transmission parts within Power Transmission Solutions.


Gearing up for more vehicle components. Axel Johnson International is strengthening its market position in the Nordic region by acquiring vehicle component distributor Sternhammar. Established already in 1938, Sternhammar has a reputation for long-term customer relationships and growing market share that makes it a perfect fit for business group Transport Solutions.

Town & County Engineering Services

Beefing up in the UK. Axel Johnson International acquires Town & County Engineering Services, a leading supplier of bearings, power transmission products, conveyor belting, consumables and related services for the food and beverage industry in eastern UK. This further strengthens Axel Johnson International’s market position as a supplier of industrial products and services across the UK.


Eastern expansion of mobile drivetrains. Axel Johnson International acquires a majority of IOW, a leading Eastern European distributor and service provider of mobile drivetrain systems, hydraulics, cooling systems and filter technologies. Complementing operations in the Nordic countries and Russia, the acquisition reinforces Axel Johnson international’s market position within mobile drivetrains solutions throughout Europe.

W. Giertsen Services

Taking Norwegian lifting solutions to the next level. Axel Johnson International acquires W. Giertsen Services, a leading Norwegian full-service manufacturer and supplier of lifting equipment and solutions. The move creates considerable synergies for the business group Lifting Solutions and strengthens its service offering for the professional maritime, offshore, subsea and onshore industries.

Pritchard Tyrite

Important expansion within cargo. Lifting Solutions and Cargo Securing Solutions expanding jointly in the UK with acquisition of Pritchard Tyrite. Pritchard Tyrite will be managed by Certex UK but also establish the first UK base for Lifting Solution’s sister-company, cargo securing products and services supplier, Cargo Securing Solutions.

Berkshire Bearings

Geographic presence and branch network. Axel Johnson International acquires bearings and transmission specialists Berkshire Bearings. Berkshire Bearings in Newbury is a small, well-kept family run operation renowned for its knowledgeable and experienced staff and longstanding relations to customers in the region. The company provides an excellent fit with the products and offerings of Acorn Industrial Services.


Safer business ahead. Axel Johnson International acquires Swedish rope access specialist Klätterteknik. The acquisition is the result of a close cooperation between Klätterteknik and leading lifting equipment supplier Certex Sweden and strengthens Axel Johnson International’s business group Lifting Solution’s service offering within industrial fall protection equipment and rope access.

Process Partner AS

To grow with the flow. We acquire niche entreprenurial company Process Partner AS. With services and know-how in displacement pumps and process equipment for the oil and off-shore industry, as well as water and sanitation, the company strengthens the group’s business on the Norwegian market.

Traction Levage

Bonjour Traction Levage. With an impressive product portfoli, unique application expertise and strong customer relations, we welcome France’s biggest distributor of steel wire ropes and lifting accessories to the group. The acquisition is testament to our objective of continued expansion in the region.

Progress Ingerørfirma

Constant Progress. The acquisition of Progress Ingeniørfirma strengthens the group with new expertise, as well as products and services for marine driveline components. Developing alongside yet an other stable family-run company with specialist expertise is fully in line with our strategy.

W. Moser AG

Strengthen our family. The small family-run company W. Moser, with five employees, will be of great importance to our overall offering of industrial pumps, cooling systems and related services on the Swiss market.

Esspump AB

Sweden’s broadest pump specialist. With the acquisition of Esspump AB, we are expanding our range of market-leading pumps and reinforcing the related offering in services and servicing: pumping anything, anywhere, with optimum function and the greatest possible efficiency.