Intervju AO Industrial Solutions (Ola S)

Ola Sjölin regards a concentrated range combined with technical expertise as a winning concept in the transmission industry.

Can you briefly describe your industry?

“Components around a rotating shaft can be found virtually everywhere, from dentists’ drills to mining vehicles. These products are traditional and will always be pivotal in industrial processes, especially as processes become increasingly automated. The number of applications exposes the sector to changes in all industries, for better or worse.”

What are the main changes that you see at present and how do they affect companies in the industry?

“We’re starting to see the same consolidation in Europe as in the US. The trend is to develop one-stop shops for maintenance for particular industries and to offer everything from transmissions to protective clothing and hand tools. We think differently. The companies in our business area stick to bearing and transmission products. They add in-depth knowledge and the expertise required to deliver what our customers need: operationally reliable production, reduced energy consumption and longer life for components and machines alike.”

What were the positive changes for the business area in 2016?

“When an industry goes into recession, it’s easy to save money on maintenance. But of course machines can break down even when running at half capacity. Our companies have stayed on their toes and managed to keep their customers and business. In terms of structure, we merged two of our companies, found new fields of operation for those hit by the slowdown in the mining industry and oil and gas, and we entered a new geographical market by acquiring a company with a strong position in e-commerce. One of our existing companies launched a new e-commerce platform and also sold its first project in conditioning monitoring – two important steps towards increased digitalisation. We’re now actively seeking to expand our business further outside the Nordics.”