Growing drivetrain partner.

A fast growing group of 11 drivetrain expert companies focused on keeping customers in motion.

Axel Johnson International’s Driveline Solutions business group is a fast-growing provider of driveline systems and related technical services for mobile off-highway, marine and industrial applications. The group was formed in 2014 following the acquisition of the Trans-Auto companies in Sweden, Finland and Russia. Since then, the group has grown and today comprise of 11 companies with a combined turnover of approximately EUR 70 million. Main markets include the Nordic countries, Russia, Central Eastern Europe and United Kingdom, but we also serve a global customer base thanks to our leading technical expertise in selected fields of technology.

The group companies are recognised for their ability to provide technical solutions within their areas of expertise and are well-known brands in their niche markets. This is a result of the group companies’ customer centric mindset and ability to combine quality products from world leading suppliers with our extensive technical expertise and experience. The close and long-standing supplier relations are an essential part of the group’s offering and represent our long-term partnership approach.

Customers can expect a committed technical partner, able to take on advanced projects for applications in the most demanding environments. The solutions provided cover everything from support in design of new equipment and adaptations of new units to maintenance and repair services for the aftermarket. As a result, our customer base is found in all parts of the value chain, ranging from OEMs to end users in the field.