Keeping industrial processes running

Our Fluid Handling Solutions companies move, measure and dispense difficult-to-handle and high-viscous liquids. They source precision-engineered positive displacement pumps, mixers, valves and systems to be used in applications and solutions that must meet the highest demands on efficiency, reliability and safety.

Stories from the group

Axel Johnson International aims to transform traditional industries, but there would be no results without the group’s driven and dedicated people. Choose a story and visit some of our companies in Fluid Handling Solutions.

Full commitment and value from one brand

All our companies within Fluid Handling Solutions go to market under the name AxFlow.

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We’re always looking for new companies interested in joining our group, both inside and outside our current markets. Are you interested in exploring opportunities in Fluid Handling Solutions and discovering how joining Axel Johnson International could help your company expand and grow? We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

Ole Weiner
Managing Director

Andreas Lindahl