An industrial automation greenhouse.

Industrial Automation is dedicated to make automation businesses grow and thrive.

Axel Johnsons International’s Industrial Automation group is the newest business group formed in 2022 with an ambitious acceleration journey ahead. Industrial Automation mainly focuses on the market segments within intralogistics, food processing automation and automation components.

Industrial Automation is a fast-growing business group, with the aim to build clusters of niche companies sharing common goals to grow and complement one another regarding offering and geographical presence. We aim for strategic acquisitions in new market segments and locations. Our mission is to develop acquired companies to their full potential through operational excellence, profitable organic growth and potential bolt-on acquisitions.

We are always on the lookout to acquire companies offering own products, brands and technologies based on high technical expertise. Currently, Industrial Automation group consists of the companies OCS and Caldan Conveyor employing around 180 people with annual sales of around EUR 40 million.