Strategic acquisitions for profitable growth.

Lifting Solutions is determined to further strengthen its position as market leader world wide in its sector.

Lifting Solutions’ growth strategy is founded on a blend of organic growth and strategic acquisitions.

Organic growth

Lifting Solutions grows organically by combining the solid structure and strength of a larger group with the flexibility and market proximity of local businesses. At the core is a decentralised business model that puts the local entrepreneur in the driver’s seat. This facilitates fast decision making and allows the companies to tailor their offer to local market needs.

The group works proactively to share expertise, knowledge and information among the companies. This creates a platform for joint initiatives and group-wide cooperation. Alongside this, the group provides support in strategic purchasing, marketing, product portfolios, logistics, sustainability and IT. This gives the companies the benefits of group organisation and back-up while preserving their freedom to choose the right product ranges and pricing strategies for their local market.

Acquisition strategy

Lifting Solutions is determined to further strengthen its position as market leader world wide. The acquisition strategy is based on majority ownership. We are interested in companies that are entrepreneurially driven “family firms”, ideally with the entrepreneur still on board. Joining us leaves ample room for independence. In exchange for a majority stake in the business, we offer a dynamic and financially robust growth platform, combined with a decentralised management model and entrepreneurial business environment.

We look for companies in our core market sectors with a strong market position or niche and minimum annual sales of €2 million. Candidates should have a matching or complementary business proposition (or geo­graphical location) that ties in well with our present structure. Prospective acquisitions are evaluated according to their business activities, track record, growth potential and management. Our financial strength enables us to continuously examine new opportunities for growth through acquisition. We are long-term owners and never consider exit options when evaluating a potential acquisition.

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We’re always looking for new companies interested in joining our group, both inside and outside our current markets. Are you interested in exploring the opportunities in Lifting Solutions and discovering how joining Axel Johnson International could help your company expand and grow? We’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.

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