Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Egil Verne, Oslo

Egil Verne A/S, Oslo

Company Egil Verne A/S, Oslo

Employment type Full time

Egil Verne AS was established in 1950 and has since been one of Norway’s largest providers of automotive electrical equipment. Today, we are a leading supplier of warning lights, work lights, and extra lights for commercial vehicles, agriculture, forestry, and the construction industry. Our office, warehouse, and store are located in Furuset, Oslo, Norway.

Verne has 23 dedicated employees who contribute to a positive, dynamic, and engaging work environment. The company is owned by Axel Johnson International AB. 

Egil Verne has managed to achieve profitable growth over the long term by focusing on what they do best. The board is now searching for a new CEO who can quickly identify with both the company culture and the business model of Egil Verne. The owners want the company to continue its controlled and profitable growth without straying from what has always been the company’s DNA.

Therefore, we believe the new leader should have knowledge of the industry and value chain in which Egil Verne (EV) operates, and preferably have worked as a CEO or sales manager in similar businesses. The new leader must also have the ability to systematically work on business and organisational development, ensuring that the company becomes even more robust and scalable than its current structure in the long run.

As an individual, the CEO should be characterised by modern and inclusive leadership, combining effective processes with strong decision-making skills and the ability to execute tasks.

Role description – Responsibilities/tasks:

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO) you:

  • have the overall responsibility for daily operations, personnel management, and the company’s financial results.
  • must consistently work actively on organisational and business development with the goal of creating stable and profitable growth for both existing and new customers.
  • should stay updated on trends and developments within EV’s market areas and develop an agile and decisive organisation that can react quickly to significant market shifts.
  • should participate in business-critical activities involving key customers and suppliers.
  • should contribute to active knowledge sharing across portfolio companies within Axel Johnson International.
  • should proactively keep the board and chairman of the board updated on the company’s development and consistently leverage relevant expertise from both the board and the owners.
  • should actively contribute to EV having a business culture grounded in the company’s values.
  • are the public face of EV and thus a significant ambassador and influencer of the reputation that EV develops in the market.

Background and Experience:

  • Higher relevant education.
  • Must have prior experience in leading organizations, preferably in sales management and/or CEO roles within relevant industries/companies.
  • Beneficial to have experience from the automotive industry or from industries where technical interest/insight is in demand.
  • Beneficial to have experience from international/Nordic companies, both small and large.
  • Experience in developing companies through effective IT and systems infrastructure.


Personal Qualities:

  • Business-oriented with a strong commercial inclination.
  • Interest and ability to understand operations, from the big picture down to the details – operational control. Hands-on work style.
  • Humility. Great ability to align the organisation towards common goals.
  • Extensive ability and willingness to collaborate internally and externally/manage all types of people – navigate smartly.
  • Clear communication, persuasive, and the ability to create motivation and engagement within their leadership team and throughout the company.
  • Resilient in discussions and negotiations. Mature in their leadership.
  • Strong management skills and execution ability.
  • Engaged, structured, and solution-oriented.
  • Willingness to drive the organisation forward, provide clear leadership with distinct expectations and objectives.
  • “Stay ahead.” Be proactive in the CEO role. Able to fill the role of a constructive sparring partner and challenger both for the board and their own leadership team.
  • Stimulate new thinking and innovation. Long-term thinking in your leadership role.
  • Interested in helping employees grow and develop in their roles.
  • Good language skills in Norwegian and English. Motivation for some travel.

For more information, contact Chairman of the Board Erik Eklöv, +46 703 20 29 39 or Arne Gunnar Dokken at Amrop,  +47 90046689.



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