Axel Johnson International Business School.

Creating room for our people to grow – personally and professionally.

At Axel Johnson International we’re committed to creating opportunities for our people to develop personally and professionally. Our employees are the key to our success and our most precious resource. Their quality of thinking and our ability to create an environment that supports a constant spirit of exploration, innovation and evolution is what makes our competitive edge.

Our people are our most precious resource.

Recognising talent is no easy matter. Effectively nurturing it is even more of a challenge. Axel Johnson International companies must have a way to help their resources to stay competitive. A way for people to learn new things, expand their horizons, innovate and produce. A way for our businesses to remain strong and dynamic.

Axel Johnson International Business School is part of that way. The school offers customised programmes in leadership, sales and finance. Programmes tailored for top and middle management, for sales managers and for sales personnel.  Programmes with a focus on career development training. Programmes with specialist professional content that enables each participant to be – and to aspire to be – the best they can.