8 March 2022

A single point of contact for the global wind market

Lifting Solutions has established Certex Renewables, a centralised division that provides a single point of contact for clients operating globally.


Lifting Solutions has traditionally had a local focus, operating via local companies with local knowledge and serving customers in the local market. To further improve the service to clients in wind power, Lifting Solutions established a global division, Certex Renewables, that will function as a centralised supplier for the global companies that dominate the wind market. “The organisations we work with don’t care about borders,” says Stefan Jagelid, Director, Certex Renewables. “Their needs are global. Of course, they want a local presence, but they don’t want to talk to 20 different companies to make things happen.”

Opportunities for knowledge sharing
Having a single point of contact at one division enables Certex Renewables to leverage the group’s size and local presence, while offering greater opportunities to share experiences and coordinate activities. That often involves experts from Lifting Solutions companies in nations that have pioneered the use of wind, like Denmark and the UK, sharing their knowledge with other group companies.

“We put a lot of effort into creating a culture where we are able to share and utilise our experienced experts and resources across borders and companies, to meet the customer where local needs arise,” Stefan says. “What used to be intercompany transactions are now turned into common opportunities. Certex Renewables is one division and a team effort.”

Certex Renewables provides customised and standard products and services, such as lifting equipment, steel wire rope and fall protection equipment as well as statutory inspection, maintenance, and repair by onsite engineers. Thanks to being part of Lifting Solutions, Certex Renewables has access to manufacturing facilities in more than 90 locations in Europe, USA and China.

Global structure
“Our structure is a strong, unique selling point,” he continues. “In an industry with extremely rigorous standards and safety guidelines, clients want to know they are getting the same standards anywhere in the world, while investing in the local economy by utilising local staff.”

The wind market is growing. Total investment globally hit USD 31 billion in the second quarter of 2021, up from USD 27 billion the previous quarter. Growth is poised to accelerate for two reasons: the cost of producing power via wind is becoming increasingly affordable, and the market is increasingly competitive.

Meanwhile, offshore wind that until now has been in its developmental phase, is being installed on a large scale. Offshore wind turbines are up to 190 metres tall – the length of almost two football fields – and a single 15MW turbine can power 20,000 EU households, compared with 1,500 for a 3MW onshore turbine. “That, in a nutshell, is why offshore wind will be so important,” Stefan says.


Stefan Jagelid, Director of Certex Renewables and Northern Europe

Stefan Jagelid, Director of Certex Renewables and Northern Europe

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