Taking the lead in the sustainability transformation

Building on our solid foundation, we are ready to accelerate our sustainability work .

Sustainability is a fundamental part of Axel Johnson International’s business model and strategic agenda. We are convinced that integrating sustainability into our decision-making will lead us to new opportunities, keep us relevant and future-proof our company. 

A vision to always be in the forefront

We always strive to create momentum and
push the boundaries to ensure that we remain at the forefront of customer value, technical expertise, and service. We recently launched an ambitious sustainability strategy that has illuminated our path ahead. Driven by an ambition to accelerate our efforts, the strategy is built around a vision to embolden the sustainability transformation in our industry with our customer offer as the guiding star.

Vision & strategy

Supplier Code of Conduct

For us it is essential that all people involved in our supply chain are treated with respect and dignity, provided with good working conditions, and that environmentally responsible manufacturing processes are used.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Code of Ethics

The Axel Johnson International Code of Ethics addresses the rights and responsibilities of all group employees and covers ethical issues at the individual level as well as providing policies for ethical business practices.

Code of Ethics

80 %

of suppliers

signed Code of Conduct

77 %

of the energy

is derived from renewable sources

The way forward

For the coming year, we will focus on collaboration to strengthen our sustainable customer offering. For example, by expanding our rental offer, renovating of components and condition monitoring, we will support our customers’ sustainability ambitions. We have a tremendous chance to utilise our technical and industry knowledge to help customers choose the right products for the right application, and use them in an optimal way.


Sustainable stories

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