From product suppliers to solution providers

It’s all about solving the customer’s challenges

We believe the most valuable business partners are the ones that solve their customers’ problems. That is why we strive to develop our companies into solutions providers relevant to their niche. The concept of being a solutions provider means different things in different industries. Many of our companies have their roots in supplying or producing products. To become a solutions provider, the company must complement its product portfolio with a relevant service offer. The focus is the customer and on solving the customer’s challenges.

From a group-wide perspective, the main initiatives centre on creating awareness and challenging business models. In addition, we seek opportunities to acquire companies with complementary service offerings. The business groups provide support by identifying and evaluating different opportunities to grow and add complementary services for their companies. Moreover, the business groups continue to contribute resources or skills where needed. The individual companies, however, always retain ownership – and a clear responsibility for driving their own strategic direction.

Our other focus areas