Business Concept

Our core business is to acquire, own and develop industrial, technology-driven companies in strategic niche markets. The primary focus is on companies offering technical products and solutions for industrial processes. We seek to identify companies with a strong market position and superior expertise, driven by entrepreneurially minded individuals with a strong track record and growth ambitions.

As an owner, Axel Johnson International seeks to further leverage the benefits of a large group and ensure long-term growth by actively focusing on four key strategic areas. We believe these areas are central to the long-term growth and evolution of our companies.

Long-lasting prosperity

The business concept has a long-term ownership horizon without an exit strategy. This means that we concentrate on companies with a sustainable business model that we can support through active ownership.

Maintaining sustainable business models means keeping a watchful eye at all times on market dynamics to ensure we move and adapt in accordance with the customer needs.

We build and develop business groups with companies that complement and strengthen each other. Our approach enables them to share information, experience, and know-how to underpin long-term growth and profitability.

Sustainable Business Model is the Key to Success

The model must constantly evolve to meet market and stakeholder needs. We work proactively to ensure that our companies constantly develop their businesses.

Business Model

Our Growth Strategy

Our growth strategy is based on a combination of organic growth and acquisitions. With a strong sense of community, we take on new opportunities and confront challenges within our niche markets.  

Growth Strategy

Acquisitions – our catalyst for growth

Acquistions are central to Axel Johnson
International’s business model. Our focus is to
build and develop business groups within defined,
specific industrial segments. As a result,
we actively work on establishing and developing
strategies within attractive market niches
where we see potential for long-term growth.

Acqusition Strategy

Our Focus Areas