About us

Axel Johnson International is a privately owned Swedish industrial group operating globally. The group has a dedicated long-term approach to ownership, emphasising sustainable progress and collaboration. The focus lies on acquisitions and the development of companies, specialising in technical components and industrial solutions. The group consists of more than 200 companies and employs 5,500 individuals in 34 countries, organised into six business groups, each focusing on selected niche markets. Axel Johnson International is a part of the Swedish family-owned corporate group, Axel Johnson.

The Core Values

Being Far-Sighted

We drive sustainable change. We
favour long-term commitments, and have the intention of staying on and serving the market.

Making Things Happen

We have a passion for business.
We challenge, initiate, and take
responsibility for delivering on our

Being Good to Work With

We inspire confidence and
genuinely respect people and

Business Concept

Our business concept has a long-term ownership horison without an exit strategy. This means that we concentrate on companies with a sustainable business model that we can support through active ownership.


Business Concept

Business Groups

We believe our companies develop best in partnership with others in the same sector. By building and developing business groups in strategic niche areas we encourage joint initiatives and knowledge sharing. Today we have six strong business groups


Business Groups

Breaking the billion
excellent result once again, proving that our
strategy and aspired market position work
despite turbulent times. 2022 was a year of strong
organic growth, and an exceptional acquisition

Annual Review

Two steps ahead

With our proven strategy and strong business model as a base, our
ambition is to continue to grow faster than our underlying markets
through sustainable long-term development