We are ready to accelerate

Taking the lead in the transformation

At Axel Johnson International, we believe in businesses as a driving force for change. Every day our products drive, secure and power thousands of applications essential for the society to function. We recognise that the society needs to be more sustainable, and by helping our customers find optimal technical solutions, we contribute to a more sustainable development.

Sustainability has been an important driving force within the Axel Johnson group since the 1980’s, when Antonia Ax:son Johnson – fourth generation Johnson – started to talk about The good company and how companies can be a positive force for change in the society. For Axel Johnson International, being a part of Axel Johnson opens for collaboration within the group and across industries. We strongly believe that the way forward towards a more sustainable future, for all businesses, includes partnerships, cooperation and transparency.


We want to ensure that we remain relevant for another 150 years. Therefore, we want to drive sustainable transformation in our industry.

How we make it happen

The companies within Axel Johnson International operate in a wide range of industries, and every day we meet many customers and suppliers all over the world. This means that we have the possibility to influence people throughout our value chain.

Our companies provide specialised knowledge and support for their customers to choose the best product or application to improve safety, resource efficiency and extend lifetime of products. By providing more sustainable customer offers, and together with our customers and suppliers explore new alternative business solutions, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable increased profitability long term.

The strategy is built around our vision that we drive the sustainability transformation in our industry. In order to deliver on our vision, we have set three focus areas: sustainable supply chain, sustainable operations and sustainable customer offers. We have also set targets related to the most material sustainability themes we have identified: people, climate, and circularity.



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