3 August 2022

Does stripy toothpaste brighten your morning? Thank AxFlow

Manufacturing stripy toothpaste and making yogurt with whole strawberries are just two of the many complex processes that AxFlow in the Netherlands has made possible over the years. At the heart of these production systems is a pump from one of the world’s leading suppliers. But it’s the ability to understand the customer’s challenges and assure the reliability of their production that sets AxFlow apart.


“We sell pumps, but tailoring a system to what’s really needed is the key to our success. The customer gets a problem solved in a clever, efficient way, and we gain a friend to serve for many years,” says Joep Verhagen, Managing Director at AxFlow in the Netherlands.

Our customers have unique processes. But they have one thing in common: high demands on stable production. And without in-house maintenance departments, many customers are vulnerable to a sudden breakdown. “Providing service engineers who know their processes inside out is a must for a long-term service partner, as is being able to deliver spare parts extremely quickly,” Joep says.



Because all our companies across Europe have best-selling products in stock, they don’t need to take up shelf space at their location.


Pieter Molenaar, Managing Director, AxFlow Distribution Centre

AxFlow has it all under one roof. The site in Lelystad is home not only to the head office, but also to the factory floor where the pump systems are designed and tested. The facility also serves as a European central warehouse for pumps and spare parts – all available to all AxFlow companies. The warehouse is the latest addition to a total offering and provides a strong competitive edge. Pumps and spare parts are dispatched directly to customers, often at just a couple of hours’ notice.

“We can now say that all our companies across Europe have best-selling products in stock, without actually needing to take up shelf space at their location. Sending goods to one address for all of AxFlow is also more efficient for our suppliers, and it’s a development they strongly support. This is everybody’s warehouse!” says Pieter Molenaar, Managing Director at AxFlow Distribution Centre.

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