We have every reason to be proud

Mia Brunell Livfors, President and CEO of Axel Johnson AB, and Board Chair of Axel Johnson International, reflects on the challenges of the past year and what to expect in the years ahead.

How would you sum up 2022?
“It is such a difficult year to summarise. On a social and human level, it was a year of tension, of economic volatility and of a tragic and unprovoked war in Europe. Looking at Axel
Johnson, and particularly Axel Johnson International, it was a year of hard work, high activity, growth and record results. Once again, Axel Johnson International’s business model showed great resilience in volatile markets.“

What are your thoughts on the group’s performance?
“We have every reason to be proud of what has been achieved. In the past five years since 2017, Axel Johnson International has doubled its sales and tripled its profits. We have had tailwinds in the shape of a strong economy, but also challenges such as supply chain disturbances, two years marked by Covid-19 and, most recently, the geopolitical and energy crisis. The achievements are in no small part due to a very delicate trade-off between the great autonomy of the different business groups and companies, while also drawing on common strengths in building competence within fields, such as sustainability and digitisation.“

What are your expectations for the coming year?
“We should expect continued general disorder and volatility, and we should be ready for a more challenging market. But in light of an oncoming recession, it is really encouraging to see how well Axel Johnson International has managed to handle all the fluctuations in the past two to three years. I am convinced that the group and co-workers’ amassed experience in change management in recent years has made us much better at acting swiftly when conditions change. In the
medium to long term, I am definitely optimistic. Axel Johnson International has grown to become a really important part of the wider Axel Johnson Group, and I believe that we have every opportunity to keep growing organically, as well as through acquisitions.“

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