5 April 2022

Another record year for Axel Johnson International

2021 was an eventful and challenging year for the entire global industry, impacted by supply-chain issues and price inflation. Still, Axel Johnson International managed to achieve all-time high sales and profit in 2021.

In 2021, the industry was influenced by mega trends like global energy conversion, industrial electrification and automation, while facing an enormous transformation. To meet market trends, Axel Johnson International formed a new business group in Industrial Automation and reshaped the group’s sustainability strategy.

During the year, 15 companies were acquired, complementing the group with new offerings, expertise and market presence. Despite challenges in the global industry with supply-chain issues and price inflation, the group managed to set all-time high sales and profit in 2021.

“The complex situation has naturally put enormous pressure on our companies which they have handled impressively, resulting in recorded sales at around 13 billion SEK.We have grown significantly more than the underlying market in all our business groups for many years now and are rewarded with continued profitable growth. We have set yet another operating profit record of close to 1 billion SEK,” says Martin Malmvik, CEO, Axel Johnson International.
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