2 July 2024

Empowering Professionals in the Lifting Industry

A work environment where every individual can excel is essential for any organization’s success. At Certex Lifting in Australia, a proactive approach to breaking stereotypes has led to a culture where everyone can be their best. In a conversation with Baylea Mussen, Jessica Bellamy, and Courtney Constable, we learn more about how their journeys into the lifting industry were driven by factors ranging from curiosity to a commitment to safety. Their stories are examples of how this company not only elevates heavy loads but also sets higher standards for diversity and inclusion in the workplace.                                                   

 So, what attracted these three women to the lifting industry?

Baylea, a Testing Technician in training, found her place at Certex Lifting, Australia through a combination of curiosity and an encouraging work environment. She started there for part-time casual work while still in school and she remarks, “When work was sparse in stores, I found myself down in the testing department asking questions that the technicians were happy to answer.” This support from her colleagues played a pivotal role in her career choice.

With nearly two decades in construction, Jessica’s decision to join the company was based on its reputation and her interest and knowledge in workplace safety.

She says “When Certex Lifting advertised a job vacancy that matched my skill set, I immediately jumped at the chance to apply”. Her role involves not just inspection but also educating clients on safety, ensuring they meet Australian standards.

Courtney, who is responsible for assessing the condition and safety of lifting equipment, cranes, hoists, slings, and other rigging gear, at various worksites, was always interested in the lifting industry. “I have spent most of work life in male dominated industries and most people, including my male colleagues, respect me for my personality and my role.” says Courtney.

“At Melbourne North, we respect each other, share laughs, and genuinely enjoy our work together.” Courtney Constable, Lifting Equipment Inspector

“At Melbourne North, we respect each other, share laughs, and genuinely enjoy our work together.” Courtney Constable, Lifting Equipment Inspector

Inclusive Culture

The culture at Certex Lifting is described as cohesive, supportive, and cooperative. Baylea highlights the importance of effective communication: “It’s really nice to see people so supportive of each other… It makes all the difference.” A sentiment echoed by Jessica and Courtney, who both speak to the open and respectful team dynamics at their branches. Fostering a culture of acceptance, personal development, and general support are key. Jessica underlines the importance of leadership “The management is easy to approach, providing support and workplace flexibility, it is an encouraging supportive organisation.”

Courtney feels being backed by her colleagues as well as by her manager is a crucial factor in workplace satisfaction. “At my branch I feel supported and respected, and our manager discourages bias culture. I’m sure our team’s friendly and welcoming nature contributes to our successes.”

Challenging Stereotypes

Diversity within the team is not just about ticking boxes—it’s about enriching the workspace with varied experiences and skillsets. “Everyone has their individual outlooks on matters, and I like that it’s encouraged that they are voiced,” says Baylea. This diversity fuels learning, growth, and ultimately, the success of the team.


Gone are the days when you had to work twice as hard to be seen as half as good

Working in a male-dominated field might sometimes require women to overcompensate. Baylea reflects on this challenge with a positive spin: “When I’m faced with a stereotypical remark… I treat it as a window to insert my own opinion or prove myself competent.” This proactive stance   is shared by her colleagues, who have noticed a shift in the industry. As an inspector, Jessica has seen the industry evolve: “Gone are the days when you had to work twice as hard to be seen as half as good,” she observes.

“Having an encouraging group of coworkers and manager around me made me consider a role as a testing technician when I left school.” Baylea Mussen, Testing Technician

To attract more people to the lifting industry, Baylea believe in raising awareness of industry roles: “By showcasing the diverse opportunities available, we can attract individuals from various backgrounds. Job roles need to be more widely known and companies need to continue to support and treat all employees equally.” Jessica advocates for inclusive practices: “By embracing diversity and fostering a culture of respect, we create an environment where everyone can thrive.” The importance of support systems is something that Courtney emphasizes: “Providing resources and addressing any issues promptly ensures a welcoming workplace for all.”

Visibility and communication about diversity are key factors in enhancing inclusivity. “The best way to retain women in the industry is just to be supportive,” Baylea advises. Jessica adds that showcasing diversity and believe in potential can inspire others to join.


Give it a crack

The message to others is one of encouragement and empowerment. Don’t hesitate to pursue a career in traditionally male-dominated fields. Baylea’s advice is simple yet powerful: “Give it a crack. Experience is everything, and your role may encourage others to join too.” Courtney continues: “With the right support everyone can thrive and contribute to changing the industry landscape.” Jessica recommends setting achievable goals and gain knowledge “We all know knowledge is power” she ends.

The stories of Baylea, Jessica, and Courtney highlight the lifting industry as an exciting career choice. Their experiences underscore the importance of diversity, inclusion, and supportive workplace cultures in fostering professional growth and success, regardless of gender or background. Certex Lifting, Australia serves as an example of an organization that prioritizes these values, creating an environment where employees can thrive and contribute to their fullest potential.

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