3 March 2018

Sweet news for the sugar factory: Smooth production and less downtime thanks to new sensors on bearing made by Nomo in Denmark

Sweet news for the sugar factory.
How smart bearings enable innovative service offerings and more efficient production.


Five months after Nordic Sugar of Denmark discovered Nomo’s solution for condition monitoring, the service is in place and a pilot project is up and running. For Søren Fauerskog, Head of Technical Maintenance at Nordic Sugar, this is just the beginning. “The key is to try new things. If we always do things the same way, how are we ever going to get a better result? There are already complete systems on the market, but now I get more accurate measurements and the results are reported in real time, in a nice clear interface on my smartphone. I was sold on the idea straight away.”


Good vibrations? With full insight into the machines’ bearings, Nomo can help customers to avoid breakdowns and keep production up and running round the clock

The service involves sensors being placed on the gearboxes in the sugar factory to register vibrations from each of the box’s bearings. The readings are compared to normal measurements for the specific bearing and the smallest deviation detected immediately. With the facts in his hands – literally – Søren can assess whether the problem is urgent or can be fixed later. This information enables more effective maintenance planning for the plant’s machinery, both in terms of time and costs.

But the most important benefit is the ability to avoid unforeseen breakdowns in a plant where every minute of downtime means lost profit. The project manager is Christian Plambech, Regional Sales Manager at Nomo in Denmark. He can see that the new service is arousing curiosity and is convinced that more customers will follow in Nordic Sugar’s footsteps as they see how easy it is to have full bearing control and thereby raise operational reliability.


Søren Faureskog, Head of Technical Maintenance at Nordic Sugar, ensures that the factory’s entire bearings are perfect.


I was sold on the idea straight away.


“Søren is so dedicated!” Christian says. “It’s great to see such a positive response as we change direction and create services linked to our products. Our goal is to make the customer better and more efficient using our knowledge and our solutions. The customer is king, it’s as simple as that.”



By working closely alongside the customer, Nomo recognised the need for a solution like this. The company’s customers were disappointed in existing solutions, which often delivered results after it was too late and also at a far higher cost.

Henrik Walter, Head of Sales and Marketing at Nomo Sweden, says: “We can see that status control is something that will develop further, and the group would like to see us giving this a lot more thought. Moving forward we will be able to connect our business system and deliver the right product even before the customer realises a change is needed. This is where the technology is leading us.”

“The project at Nordic Sugar is just the start of what technology can add to our traditional products,” says Nomo’s Christian Plambech



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