We have launched IMAnalytics (Industrial Maintenance Analytics), Power Transmission Solutions’ private label solution for condition monitoring across the group.

Every machine that rotates can be monitored. With IMAnalytics your rotating industrial assets can last longer, produce more and perform better. IMAnalytics is an online condition monitoring system that enables predictive maintenance by maximising machine health and minimise maintenance costs and failures in machines and processes.

By continuous monitoring of parameters in equipment such as fans, electric motors, pumps, gearboxes etc., failures can be detected early on; avoiding unplanned downtime. 

Choose between three IMAnalytics condition monitoring solutions – Easy, Basic and Advanced packages for industrial applications. The devices have open interfaces, making it possible to combine several methods of analysing machine health and to easily adopt to different environments and machines.

IMAnalytics Easy
Easy installation through wireless sensors that create a innovative mesh network. Measures the overall vibrations and temperature. Cost effective and easy!

IMAnalytics Basic
The Basic solution has been developed for machines where standard vibration + temperature measurements need to be complemented with other sources of data. The Basic solution allows combining measurements from several sources, including e.g. oil analysis as well as any standard analogue sensors.

IMAnalytics Advanced
The Advanced solution is used for the asset health monitoring of large machines such as compressors, gearboxes, generators, supply pumps, large blowers/fans and other assets critical to a process. Suitable for both slow-moving and fast machines as well as machines with variable speed.

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