Finding the right solution for each customer. We combine extensive product know-how with a thorough understanding of our customers’ changing needs. 

Regardless of shipping distance, transports need effective cargo securing solutions. Transporting goods as efficiently as possible makes economic and environmental sense, and the increasing global transport flows make it ever more important to ensure that goods are intact when they reach their destination. The appropriate use of cargo securing equipment can prevent cargo displacement and damage during transit, as well as help avert accidents in a time when personal injury rates in goods handling are steadily rising. 

Cargo securing and optimization is about correct and safe handling of goods during transit – from strapping products onto pallets in the factory to effective cargo securing solutions on container vessels or cargo planes. Our companies offer a broad, quality-assured range of products for material handling and safe transports, such as lashings, cargo bars, lashing chains and strapping. Forankra also provide a wide lifting assortment, including chains and chain accessories, round slings, web slings, jacks and winches. 

“Top-quality products are a good start but knowing how to use them is crucial.” 

Being the largest cargo securing group in Europe, we often get involved as a partner right from the planning phase. The goal: to find the right cargo securing solutions for each customer, tailor made for application area and vehicle type. Our companies are all well equipped to take on any body building project – from large, mass-produced truck systems to custom solutions for specialized vehicles with very specific needs. Cargo securing in containers is another area where our experts provide customized solutions, as well as a comprehensive range of in-container materials like one-way securing, dunnage bags and absorbents. 

Our companies within the vehicle components segment supply innovative accessories and solutions, tailored to post-purchase installation by truck and trailer end users to be used in a harsh, Nordic environment. The companies also supply body components and systems to Nordic body builders and cab manufacturers, such as heating/air condition systems, boxes, hinges, handles, latches, locks, and gas springs. 

The core competence for our vehicle components companies is the ability to supply customers with the best products and solutions available in the market. This requires high availability, efficient and accurate distribution, and continuous assortment development to meet customers’ changing needs. Always being in the forefront also requires extensive product know-how and close supplier cooperation combined with thorough understanding of customer needs.  


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