Making things happen.

We work proactively to ensure that our companies constantly evolve and grow.

A sustainable business model is the key to success. The model must constantly evolve to meet market and stakeholder needs. We work proactively to ensure that our companies constantly develop their businesses. The reason is simple: we want to ensure long-term growth and profitability. This requires an active owner that takes a genuine interest in each company’s operations and is prepared to challenge strategic plans.

In our world, the entrepreneurs who run our companies have the closest understanding of their businesses and are best suited to be in the driver’s seat. Our role is to support and empower them in the process of identifying the biggest opportunities. This provides a clear foundation for informed and fast decision-making. “Making things happen” is not just one of our core values; it is the way we live and breathe.

Making things happen is not just one of our core values; it is the way we live and breathe

As an owner, we want to support our entrepreneurs in driving their businesses forward. This involves providing them with a good platform for their decisions. By organising companies in a group or segment with the same or similar product offerings, we create platforms for information, experience and knowledge sharing. The aim is to facilitate access to other companies facing the same challenges and over time create joint initiatives. We have employed this strategy over many years and know it works. We can see a clear evolution of initiatives within each business group as they mature.

In a fast-moving world, we need to act proactively as a long-term owner. Our response is to encourage initiatives in four carefully selected strategic key areas – service, people development, digitalisation and sustainability. We see these as particularly important areas to ensure sustainable business models within our companies. And we know that they present a major challenge for many of our firms. That is where we can together capitalise on the strength that comes from being part of a larger group in these key areas.

With more than 170 operating companies across multiple niche areas, Axel Johnson International knows that business challenges can be met in many different ways. We implement an active decentralised leadership model to sustain long-term growth, leaving it up to each business group to identify strategic initiatives that correspond to its companies’ specific needs.