Opportunities and acquisitions.

The group focuses on supporting its existing companies and on acquiring new ones.

Power Transmission Solutions is dedicated to developing and growing companies active in its niche. The group’s strategy is focused on becoming a European leader in power transmission components and services by combining the collective know-how of leading bearings and transmission providers across Europe. It does so by employing a decentralised leadership philosophy in which acquired companies remain entrepreneurial and are able to take decisions close to their local markets. By combining a collaborative environment and active knowledge-sharing with an entrepreneurial culture, the companies in the group benefit from the strength of the larger group while maintaining the agility of small companies.

The group’s main focus is to support the development of existing companies to ensure their organic growth. This is ensured by providing a range of managerial support services such as IT services, education, financial strength, supply chain expertise, etc. The companies can also benefit from access to new suppliers as well as improved supplier conditions, thanks to our extensive network and close ties within the group.

Although existing companies are our main focus, acquisitions play a central role in the group’s business model for long-term growth. Power Transmission Solutions will maintain a high pace in identifying, approaching and acquiring attractive companies. We strive to develop the group to its full potential by bolt-on acquisitions in existing geographical areas, and strategic acquisitions in new locations.