Seizing new opportunities.

Strategic digital initiatives lift our companies to the forefront of their industries.

Business digitalisation is not new. Digital work methods and tools have been gaining ground for decades. But the growing complexity of digital solutions requires skills and resources, and a digital strategy is vital for ensuring a sustainable business. That is why digitalisation is a key strategic area for Axel Johnson International – an area where we work proactively to support, challenge and inspire our companies as an owner.

With 150 companies in different niche segments, there is no single solution. That is why we see it as essential to work constantly to develop skills and awareness, both locally and as a group, to seize the opportunities that digitalisation brings.

Our digitalisation work and focus differ between organisational levels. At group level, we focus on creating awareness, inspiration and challenging the strategic initiatives that will take our companies to the forefront of their industries. We purposely limit group-wide strategic initiatives to matters relevant to the entire group. Examples include our common platform for cooperation and knowledge sharing, as well as cyber security, which affects all our businesses.

At business group level, we have a wider set of initiatives, ranging from internal process solutions to customer-oriented digital solutions. Examples include marketing, websites, operations support processes and digital customer offerings. Most initiatives come from a bottom-up process driven by our companies’ needs. No matter where the initiative is taken, the group companies always own it, even in cases where actions are executed with group support.