Meet the management team.

A team with extensive industrial experience that drives the group forward, employing our decentralised leadership model.

The management team consists of a few selected functions and together they form a team with an impressive knowledge and experience from the industry.

Management 2021

Top row from left to right: Ola Sjölin, Managing Director Power Transmission Solutions, Mårten Steen, Chief Information Officer, Malin Ripa, Head of Sustainability, Ole Weiner, Managing Director Fluid Handling Solutions, Hans Glemstedt, Head of Group Strategy and M&A, Ola Karlsson, Chief Financial Officer,

Bottom row from left to right: Ralf Wiberg, Managing Director Lifting Solutions, Jan Brattberg, Managing Director Driveline Solutions, Martin Malmvik,  CEO and Managing Director Industrial Solutions, Erik Eklöv, Managing Director Transport Solutions