140 years of business development.

For a group that welcomes change, every ending is a new beginning.

All successful companies are the result of brave decisions. They are built by individuals who have had the courage to listen to their instincts, transformed challenges into opportunities and risked a lot for the chance to win everything. People who have had the drive to achieve something greater than themselves, and have done exactly that.

When our founder, 29-year-old saddler’s son Axel Johnson, decided to export iron and import coal, his vision was his only collateral. He broke with tradition, took untried roads east and soon started a trading company. And when the existing infrastructure proved insufficient, he started his own shipping line.

That was back in 1873. Five generations and many brave decisions later, we know how fantastic it is when intuition becomes reality. When strong values pay off. When necessary changes become longed-for new beginnings. When optimism transforms into drive so powerful that its ripples affect many, many other people.

But we’re also aware of the opposite. To see dreams torn down. To live under the demands of the family and the world around. To bear the responsibility for employees, customers and suppliers. With defeat breathing down your neck, to never be able to rest. And today, more than ever, to always consider sustainability challenges, digitalisation needs and global competition.

If the conviction of the feasibility of everything should suddenly run out, we are there. We take in vital, healthy companies and ideally also their innovation-driven owners. We lay the foundation for the company’s values to live on, find new paths and carry on spreading good results over people, the environment, society and industry.

This means a new boost forward, a chance to grow and the security to make even more, and perhaps even braver, decisions.

A warm welcome to our corporate family.