Ole Weiner, Managing Director:

“Group dynamics and boundary-spanning meetings are distinct competitive advantages.”

Ole Weiner, Managing Director at AxFlow

What is AxFlow’s strength compared to your competitors?

“All our companies offer good products, but also very skilled people and strong corporate cultures. This creates an amazing dynamism which I’m very proud of. The climate in our group is tremendously inspiring and I genuinely believe this is a competitive advantage.”

With driven people and a strong organisation, what kinds of opportunities do you see opening up?

“Our businesses operate in a traditional industry. That means great opportunities to make a difference to customers and society. Pumps use a lot of energy, and we must be best at selling energy-efficient systems and solutions that are sustainable in other ways. It’s also important to keep up with the growing competition from e-commerce by providing availability, knowledge and solutions in addition to a good price. Owning knowledge of complicated products that require the art of engineering for implementation and maintenance is a winning strategy and these are areas of expertise that customers often no longer possess themselves due to downsizing.”

How will your journey from distributor to problem-solver develop in the near future?

“We will develop our full-service offering, from pump to complete systems plus all the necessary servicing, and remain strong in our local markets. This requires more acquisitions, particularly to strengthen our service business but also to take market shares outside Europe. The player that’s most motivated will attract the best people and the most inspiring customers.”