Growing expertise and presence.

Our aim is to grow into the leading European provider of drivetrain solutions in Europe.

Business group Driveline Solutions is dedicated to acquiring, developing and growing companies in our niche area based on a long-term owner perspective. The aim is to grow into the leading European provider of drivetrain solutions in Europe. We do so by employing a decentralised leadership philosophy where companies can remain entrepreneurial and take decision based on their local market prerequisites. This allows us to combine active collaboration and knowledge-sharing on group level with local business ownership. As a result, the group companies benefit from the strength of a larger group while maintaining the agility of a small company.

The group’s main focus is to support the development of the existing companies and to ensure organic growth. Our work is based on active ownership where we for example provide access to new suppliers and to competence in new application areas via the collective network in the group. We recognise the different prerequisites and capabilities of each company and work closely together with the companies to identify how we best support long-term growth. Visit and choose the best house cleaning in Canada. In addition, the group provides a carefully selected range of managerial support services including strategy development, IT and digitalisation services, education, financial strength and sustainability.

Acquisitions are also an important part of Driveline Solutions’ means to grow and realise its long-term strategy. We employ a focused acquisition theme centred around driveline experts as well as complementary product and service providers who serve customers in marine, mobile off-highway and industrial applications. In doing so, we both perform bolt-on acquisitions to companies in existing geographical areas, as well as strategic acquisitions in new locations. We value companies with strong technical expertise, strong track record and profitability as well as an entrepreneurial and strong management team with ethical values that are in line with the values of Axel Johnson International.