part of our strategic agenda and our core guiding principle

Malin Ripa, Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability is part of our strategic agenda and our core guiding principle which runs through the complete Axel Johnson International  organisation.
The concept of a sustainable business involves how we define our customer offering through the actions of our organisation to how we chose suppliers, produce and transport our products. It is our responsibility to continually improve all aspects of our business -environment, social and economic – to help create a better world than today.

We work for change in the industries where we operate

Together we can make a change. The companies within Axel Johnson International operate in a wide range of industries, and every day we meet many customers and suppliers all over the world. This means that we have the possibility to influence people throughout our value chain. Our companies provide specialised knowledge and support for their customers to choose the best product or application to improve safety, resource efficiency and extend lifetime of products. By providing more sustainable offerings, and together with our customers explore new alternative business solutions, we can contribute to a more efficient use of resources as well as enable increased profitability long term.

We simply want to run good businesses and increase customer value.

To learn more about our sustainability work, please visit our dedicated sustainability website

Ensuring sustainable customer value