Leaders of tomorrow

Leaders of tomorrow

Our trainee program offers a unique chance to learn and grow.

Axel Johnson International has run the Mangagement Trainee Programme since 2010 with 2-4 new Trainees starting in September every year. During the year they’ll be intertwining practical jobs in the group’s companies with strategic projects and training courses. The aim is to teach them our operation from scratch and build networks for the future. To guide them, they each have an experienced mentor from the organisation.

“Its great that year after year we manage to attract some young, ambitious academics. Their different backgrounds, degree programmes and experience bring new perspectives to the table

“One of the great things for our companies is the benefit their analysis and challenging questions entail. Because they move between our different business groups, they become a bridge for learning and competence exchange throughout the organisation.” explains Emma Ekenstedt, HR Project Manager.

The trainees of 2019/2020 shares some of their thought and experiences about the programme, what attracted them and how it’s been.

‍“What caught my attention to this particular trainee programme is how the group really focuses on developing people through training and comprehensive projects that you’re responsible for,” says Nilan Nabavieh. “Then there was the programme itself, which develops young talent across a variety of disciplines. ”For Emil Tarukoski, being part of a large family-owned company was a big incentive. “It gives a long-term business focus with the right leadership, which is important to me,” he explains. “I also like the fact that the programme offers a wide range of different areas to develop and learn from.

Daniel Gustafsson fell for the corporate culture and the opportunity to be a part of an exceptional growth journey. “The combination of a committed long-term owner with a strong value-based foundation, and the opportunity to participate in the future development of the business, was super-compelling for me,” he says.

For Emil, the degree of responsibility to lead and execute projects has been a major asset, along with the confidence shown in him by management. “It’s great to have the degree of freedom we have. You also have access to talented, experienced people you can ask for advice, and they trust you to learn and grow. ”Nilan enjoys project challenges and how they aid his personal development. “It’s also great that senior management take our suggestions onboard. We get to contribute more than I expected,” he says. Daniel highlights the company’s decentralised leadership style and being part of a great team. “I really appreciate how faith is placed in each individual,” he says.

From left, Nilan Nabavieh, Daniel Gustafsson and Emil Tarukoski