Winning service

With service as the driver.

Offering operational reliability rather than individual products is business-enhancing for both Trans-Auto and its customers.

“Our products are used in mining, forestry, and shipping, among other sectors – industries where the unexpected always happens. What distinguishes us from others is how well we deal with the situations that arise for our customers,” says Jan Brattberg, Managing Director of Trans-Auto.

Founded on solid technical know-how, the company has developed its service offering and can now meet the needs of clients in widely varying niche fields. “Technology is in focus in everything we do. We bring the customers’ needs and future visions together with our suppliers’ capabilities while planning the optimum use of our products and predicting future service requirements.

Managing Director Jan Brattberg (right) pays tribute to colleague Björn Olsson.

“The solutions we recommend and take to market are our ticket to long-term customer relations, so it’s important that we stay up to date and really know the products we deliver,” Jan says. “But over and above the technical know-how, our ‘soft’ values are also important to our success. Values like experience, familiarity with the market, and our ability to maintain good contact with customers and suppliers. These are skills that take a long time to develop and, unlike much else in our world, they can’t be automated.”

Our competitors are welcome to challenge Björn in transmission knowledge any time

Good relations promote growth in several ways. In 2016 Trans-Auto strengthened its offering by acquiring Progress Ingenjør-firma of Norway, after 20 years of working closely together. Progress is a highly regarded provider of products and services for marine driveline components, propellers and industrial components.

Like one big family. Thomas Sandstén and his brother Robin Standstén are proud employees of Trans-auto.

“The acquisition not only makes our broader supplier base and collective experience available to existing customers, it also means we can take on larger, more complex projects. And we can now offer our business throughout the Nordics,” Jan explains. Trans-Auto has been part of Axel Johnson International since 2014, and Jan emphasises the benefits of belonging to a group that offers long-term focus and a strong sense of community – and above all the freedom to develop in line with Trans-Auto’s own corporate culture. “Trans-Auto is still Trans-Auto,” says Jan proudly.

Robin Sandstén